Prof. Gill North

Gill North

Gill is a professorial research fellow in the law school at Deakin University. She has a doctorate in law and is a chartered accountant and experienced financial analyst. Prior to joining academia, Gill worked at multinational corporations and investment banks in major financial centres (London, Tokyo, New York and Sydney). Her roles included senior executive positions in corporate strategy, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and funds management.

Gill’s current areas of research focus include the law and practice of corporate disclosure, corporate governance, corporate sustainability, financial services, consumer finance, banking, and finance.

More specifically, her research seeks

  • to advocate policies and practices to improve the fairness, efficiency and transparency of financial markets.
  • to promote long term decision making by corporations that considers the impact of sustainability and national interest factors; and
  • to assist the finance sector to operate responsibly and to provide services and products that are consumer focused and beneficial over the long term.

Gill has published widely on these topics in Australia and internationally. Her most recent book is Effective Company Disclosure in the Digital Age (Kluwer Law International, The Netherlands, 2015).