Dr. Alexander Scheuch

Alexander ScheuchAlexander Scheuch is a Lecturer (Akademischer Rat) at the University of Münster where he is a member of the Institute for International Business Law at the chair of Professor Ingo Saenger. He also lectures at the JurGrad School of Tax and Business Law.

Scheuch studied law as a German Academic Scholarship Foundation Scholar and completed the two-year Common Law programme at the University of Münster. Following graduation (2010) he worked as an academic assistant in Münster (2010-13) and obtained a Dr. iur. degree (2013) with a thesis on a company law subject. He spent his practical training (2013-15) in Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf and London, working among others for an international law firm’s corporate law department. After his bar exam (2015) Scheuch worked as an in-house lawyer for a German premier league football club before returning to academia.

In his research, Scheuch focuses on aspects of corporate and partnership law as well as the law of civil procedure. At the University of Münster he is a member of the interdisciplinary Risk & Compliance Research Center. He is also involved as a lecturer in the Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates (PEPP) which is organised in cooperation with numerous prestigious European universities such as the University of Cambridge and KU Leuven.

In addition to his professional work Scheuch is a founding member and former national chairman of the German student association Weitblick that aims to improve education conditions around the globe and to promote interest in social responsibility among university students.